Captain Sir Tom’s Tragic Passing – How can we protect our elderly?

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Captain Sir Tom’s Tragic Passing – How can we protect our elderly?

Yesterday, the tragic news of Captain Sir Tom’s passing shook the entire nation. A hero who fought in our world war, unfortunately, died in this war, against Coronavirus. According to reports, the 100-year-old contracted COVID-19 last week. He was unable to receive a vaccine due to treatment he was receiving for pneumonia. Captain Sir Tom was knighted by the Queen last year, after raising a staggering 33 million pounds for the NHS, doing laps of his back garden.

It is important to remember with this passing, that our elderly are extremely vulnerable in this pandemic. With weaker immune systems, it makes it harder for them to overcome such an invasive virus. Thus, it should be our utmost priority to protect them as much as we can.

The new variant, discovered in December, is spreading much faster and it seems to be easier to contract, making it even more deadly. According to reports, it is 30% to 70% more transmissible. Now, is as important as ever to put precautions in place to limit the risk of a COVID-19 outbreak.

We strongly believe that our temperature monitoring cameras can help care-homes become more COVID-SECURE/COVID-SAFE. Our cameras can enable door access – meaning if a carer/member of staff records a temperature higher than 38C, they will be instructed to leave and will not be let in.

These safety precautions can help spot symptoms of COVID-19 early. Not to mention, they are much more effective and quicker than traditional methods of temperature testing.

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