Rent or buy our unique thermal body temperature monitoring, access control and customer flow management systems.

Flexible purchase options – buy

At Thermal Camera Solutions, we have flexible purchase options. You can rent or buy one of our cameras. Our systems come fully configured, with all the accessories, set-up, installed and ready to go. Above all, if there is ever a problem, we will support you, manage and maintain it. You’ll never need to worry, we’ll take responsibility for everything.


Some people prefer to buy a body temperature monitoring system. We sell to companies of all types and sizes who are confident and reasonably technically sophisticated. Before we sell you anything we’ll take time to understand your needs and build you a bespoke system designed perfectly to meet your requirements.

Why would you want to buy a thermal camera?

If you are looking for a long-term covid-strategy at your workplace then buying is better for you than renting. When you buy one of our cameras, we’ll make sure that your system meets your requirements. In addition, we’ll run some tests before installation to make sure everything is in working order. Protecting your staff/customers/visitors/residents and reducing the risks of infection. Being a permanent residence at your workplace, our temperature monitoring cameras will offer reassurance and can even encourage business post-lockdown.

Temperature Monitoring Cameras – Benefits

Buying is a long-term solution for your temperature monitoring. If you are looking for a short-term solution for an event for instance, then check out our rent options. Aside from flexible purchase options, our temperature detection cameras have other benefits too:


Reduce the risk of infection




Enforce regulations (face mask detection)


Simplify current processes


Encourage business